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Related article: Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 17:43:46 -0600 From: Raine Skydreamer Subject: ChangeDISCLAIMER: Do not read this gay nude modeling story if you are not interested in reading about female/female sexual situations. This is a work of pure fiction. It is my first story of this kind, so if you like it, feel free to send comments! (thatsmysecret19hotmail.com) and with that said - read on! ~Change~by *Raine*It fitness models bound was a breezy Friday afternoon. The sky was bright blue and a few fluffy clouds floated about in the air. The harsh cold winter was drawing to a close, and this particular day was very mild and pleasant. Everyone was outside enjoying the day. The suddenly spring-like breezes blowing that day gave people a surge of excitement as if something unexpected might occur. Something would happen to Amber that day that was a complete surprise. In fact, the course of events of that day would completely change her life.Amber was a fairly young, yet intelligent beyond her years, woman. She was 20, and in her last semester of college classes for a while. She was going to take a year or two off and start a new life. In all of her brief 20 years, she had never wanted so desperately for a change. She didn't really know what the change was that she was looking for, but she knew that it was out there somewhere and she had to find it.In fact, Amber had already been preparing for this venture into the real world. She had held excess weight in her teens and through recent months of hard dieting and exercise, she had melted it all off. What was once a slightly chubby teen, there was now a stunningly beautiful woman. Amber had long legs and arms, and the most delicate hands even though she worked out so much. Her waist was curved inward at the perfect place and she had muscle tone everywhere. Amber also had a pair of light brown eyes. These were no regular young pubescent models brown eyes. They glowed bright green when she was angry or upset or showing any type of intense emotion. Her eyes were hypnotizing at times, but Amber didn't realize this. She was used to being considered the "fat chick" that no one really saw or paid attention to. Well, definitely not now. Her smooth, proportionate face was framed by long golden brown hair, and her skin was soft, like rose petals upon roses in a hidden meadow, untouched and unspoiled by human hands. Her beauty was subtle from a glance, but the more you looked upon her, the more beautiful she became in your eyes.On this unusually mild day, Amber was walking to the local bookstore/coffee place/hangout to do some studying for class, and maybe pick up a good book. She was in a great mood (it was Friday after all) and she had a lazy weekend planned [after this pre-weekend studying she planned on doing], full of lying around her spacious loft, relaxing. She smiled at all of the people she passed while strolling down the sidewalk. Amber conveniently lived a block or so down from her favorite hangout. She made her way into the store and put her things down on one of the empty couches. (This place had the BEST couches to relax and read on) The store was usually nice and quiet in the afternoons, as it was today, and so Amber ran to get a drink and then sat down and started studying.Meanwhile on the other side of town...Tara was finishing up some designs for a fashion show that she was helping set up for the coming week. It was extremely bikini model cold important to have everything just right and Tara had done a magnificent job. Now that her day's work was done, she was wondering how to spend her afternoon.Tara was slightly older than Amber at 22 years old. But her age was by no means visible when you looked at her. pretens young model With the right outfit, she could appear 16 years old. And as well with her makeup done and an evening gown on, she could appear just as mature as she was. But she still knew how to have fun. Tara was medium in height and had always kept herself in good shape. She wasn't overly tone, but she didn't really have anything atlas train model that made her look wimpy. She had eyes the color of the sky, and naturally blonde hair cut to her shoulders. Tara knew that she was attractive, but she wasn't conceited about it. She considered herself just another pretty face and left it at that.After putting up her things and heading out to the car, Tara started her drive gosp model around town, searching for a new adventure. She loved the weather today and rolled down all the windows to let the cool air flow through her hair. She turned up the radio and was singing. This drive had been about 5-10 minutes, when she looked over and noticed a sign for a coffee shop. She thought to herself, "Hey, I could use a cup of coffee, and I've never been in that place." So she came back around and found a parking spot and walked into the shop. --------------Amber had already finished studying, and was back in the book stacks looking at books. Searching for that book that she would really want to read but hadn't found yet. She was walking back and forth and she looked through a space between a couple of books as she heard the bells on the door, and saw a woman come in. She had never seen her before, and since she usually recognized everyone who came there she was curious as to who this woman was, and where she came from. However, she decided to just leave this woman alone as to not make her uncomfortable by approaching her. Amber walked over to her couch and decided to watch and see what this woman does.Tara saw Amber walk from the bookshelves back to a couch and sit down. She caught herself taking a second look as the girl was looking through an abnormal psychology book. Tara was thinking of how pretty the woman was and wondering who she was, but she decided to look around russion nn model first 38d nude models and see if this lovely lady would stay around, then she might start up a conversation.Amber didn't see Tara take that second glance, but rather, she felt it. Like how you can feel someone stare at you from across a room and not know it. Something inside her wanted her to know this woman and everything about her. I suppose it had something to do with Amber being lonely lately, she hadn't made many friends other than acquaintances, the bookshop owner, and the regulars in the store. So, Amber decided to go walk through and see if she could find the woman in the books and see what she was up to. "It was worth a try right?" she thought to herself. Then she was surprised that she was making such a big deal over talking to a woman.Tara was back in the fiction section looking at the various romances and sci-fi stuff. Evidently the volume of material that the place held surprised her, looking so small on the outside. She was startled to see the woman with golden brown hair walk down her isle so fast. As if she was looking for her or something.They both stood there looking at nextdoor models brooke books. Neither one of them really doing anything, they were both thinking intently about what to say, and the space between them filled with an awkward silence. Finally the silence was broken."Abnormal Psychology?" Tara asked, rather abruptly."What?" Amber said with a start. "Oh! Yeah...It's for a class I'm taking over at the college", Amber said, seeming pretens young model stunned by the question."Hi there, my name is Tara. What's yours?" Tara said, deciding that she would break the wierdness of the conversation."Nice to meet you Tara, My name is Amber," she said as they shook hands.There was a mutual intense feeling at the moment that their ls model lia hands met. Amber and Tara met eyes for a brief moment and then realizing they kept the hands held for slightly too long, they let go. The hands slid away from the other's in seeming slow motion, and both let out a nervous laugh. They were both noticing how soft the other's hand was. Then it was Amber who spoke up."Hey, listen, I was going to go to the beach to spend the afternoon, would you like to come and hang out? It's no pressure, since we have just met, I just don't have many friends around here, and mini models preeten I just thought that maybe it would be fun"Tara thought it over for a moment and replied, "Yes, I'd love to, since I had no plans for the evening, and I promise I'm not some child modeling russia psycho killer or anything."They both laughed at that and then left the store (Amber got a soda to go) and then they got in Tara's car to head to the beach."You know, I never talk to people like that just out of the blue, but I think I trust you" Tara said, trying to start up a conversation."That's cool. I really hope we can be friends Tara" Amber said as she smiled. She really needed a friend.The rest of the conversation on the ride to the beach was pretty normal. The getting-to-know-you sort of talk. Tara and Amber talked as if they'd always known each other. Amber told Tara about her college plans and her intention of finding a change very soon. Tara as well told Amber about her work with the fashion Design Company and this kept up while they were at the beach. They stayed at the beach, staring at the waves and just talking, a bit past sunset that day. It was the perfect end to that beautiful day that the town talked about lia model imageboard for years to come.As the next few weeks progressed. They ended up getting together a few times a week and most weekends to hang out, see movies, whatever came to mind. They were really becoming good friends. Neither Tara nor Amber spoke of the seeming attraction that had taken place when they ubermodels first met in the bookshop. But, they both thought about it.Amber lay awake at night wondering and wishing that there could be something more with Tara than just the good friendship. She had never felt attracted to a woman before, but she had no problem with the idea of it. Part of it seemed right, but part of it kept her second guessing herself. What was more of wonderment was why they had never discussed relationships. Was it that way for a reason? Was Tara hiding something? Amber decided to ask Tara about it when she came over to watch movies with her that Friday.Tara had also been surprised by the attraction that she felt to Amber. She was certain that Amber had someone, being as beautiful as she was, and so she thought it best not to ask her. She didn't want to scare off her new friend. Tara was more scared of what she would say if Amber asked her about her past. Tara had in fact had a girlfriend, but her heart had not been in it. Certainly not the same feelings she had with Amber. She thought this over young pubescent models at least twenty times while she worked and she grew more nervous as Friday approached.Friday...Amber got the popcorn ready 3d chemical models and was waiting for Tara to get there with the movies. She was excited and tried to look her best for Tara. She put on her best underware (just in case) and she wore some flair leg jeans and a button down blue shirt. She was going to find out the truth tonight if it took all night. She knew that something was there, she just had to get Tara to admit it. Suddenly the doorbell buzzed.Tara was looking equally as made up as she walked into the house. She had on black leather pants and a red tank top (the weather had warmed up considerably). She noticed Amber right off, as well as Amber noticing Tara."Wow, Tara you look great!" Amber said, trying not to sound too eager."Babe, you look way cute yourself!" Tara said, not thinking about her language, as she was transfixed in the site of Amber. She realized her error in word choice and laughed a little and blushed slightly."Babe? Babe!? Whoa, I'm top modells photos definitely right on with this one." Amber thought to herself. Her face lit up and she led Tara to the couch and they started watching movies.They had the regular conversation and caught up with each other on the happenings of the week and as the night wore on, they got deeper into conversation and the conversation finally turned over to relationships."So, Tara have you had many relationships?" Amber teens modell started out, testing the waters to see if Tara would say anything revealing. This was definitely out of her control now that she'd actually asked her."Well, I've been single for a long time, but I did date someone for a short while...My dating experience is a little rusty I suppose. How about you???" Tara replied."I haven't actually had a relationship, since I was so gay nude modeling "big" in highschool, I never had that dating experience that you're supposed to get." Amber paused for a second and then forced out another question, "Well, was this person you dated nice?"Tara replied after another pause, "The person was nice, and she was a woman." *She cleared her throat* "Does that make you feel uncomfortable?""Oh preten models jpg no, not at all. I actually can see why she'd be your girlfriend." Amber preten models jpg caught herself, but it was too late. She didn't know HOW that had slipped out of her mouth. Then, she realized that it didn't matter, she would rather her know than her never know and never have a chance with her.Tara grinned. It was this, excited grin, like she was about to explode or something."I can't see why you've never had best teen model someone Amber. God, you're so beautiful. Can I ask you a question?" Tara said, her eyes shining bright blue."ummmm...sure Tara. Go ahead." Amber said.Tara took a deep breath, "This is hard for me to say, but I'll just say it. I don't want to ruin our friendship, but I've been simply crazy about you since we met. I felt this feeling when we shook hands that day in the bookstore and I didn't know if it was just me. I don't know if you would be interested in dating a woman. If you aren't I understand" gay nude modeling Tara reached mini models preeten out her hand to smooth Amber's hair.Amber's eyes welled up with tears. The thought itself was terrifying to part of her. What would other people think? She didn't want to be seen as wrong or immoral or any of that. But all that she could really see was Tara sitting in front of her with her hand stroking her hair. Her beautiful friend. Why couldn't it be this way? Then she realized that she shouldn't care what other people think. It isn't their life. It's hers. And so she took a breath and replied to Tara's question."Tara, my sweet Tara, I felt lily model csm the same thing that day. I just wasn't sure of anything and I'm so scared of what will happen and all I really know is that I care about you and want to be with you. So, that's what I want."Silence filled the room. And Tara whispered "I want to kiss you" in a barely audible wave of sound. Amber's stomach was in knots and she wanted to do it so badly, but she couldn't move. Amber knew that she had to make the first move, it was nonnude teen modells her decision. She closed her eyes, and her desire overtook her. She felt herself moving toward Tara and she slid her soft hand up to meet Tara's cheek and brought her lips to meet hers. The lips she wanted to kiss for so long.A thousand butterflies fluttered about in Amber's stomach. She thought that she might pass out. It was so utterly delicious and intimate. And She focused on the feel of her lips, and her warmth and Tara's hand gliding through her hair as they kissed. Time moved slowly. Infinity contained within a moment. Finally the kiss was broken.Tara and Amber looked into each other's eyes and saw that same spark that they had seen that first day that they met. There was no turning back and they had been alone for so long that there was nothing in the world except the two of them. Amber grabbed Tara's hand and took her toward the bedroom."Amber, are you sure that you want to do this?" Tara asked a bit hesitantly."Tara, I've wanted you so badly, I am POSITIVE I want this. Do you?" she asked, her eyes glowing green in the evening light."I am sure that I do, I pretens young model just wanted to make sure. This is special and should be all that you want it to be" Tara replied, tears in her eyes.They embraced in a hug and their lips met again, with the same intensity as before. The kissing became more urgent and more deep with every passing moment...lips upon lips, slowly caressing the other, tongues entwined as they gave themselves completely to the moment.Tara's hands slid up and down Amber's body. She could feel the heat and need surging within her. She was so turned on and had needed this for so long. All this kissing and they were still in the doorway of Amber's bedroom. No telling how much time had passed. Time didn't matter now. Tara led Amber backwards and leaned bb model lilly her backwards and onto the huge, soft bed, covered with silk sheets. She kissed her again and her hands slowly managed to move to the buttons of Amber's shirt, where she slowly unbuttoned them, teasingly slow. This was so intense, it was making shivers go up Amber's spine. Soon, the shirt was off and Tara lifted her up slightly to release her breasts from her bra. Tara stopped for a moment to gaze upon Amber's beautiful breasts. She had never seen her friend naked and, suddenly she had to see all of her, as soon as possible. She undid Amber's jeans and slid them off quickly, but she ever so carefully removed Amber's underwear, and as she reached up to take hold of them, Amber let out a slight gasp. Amber was now naked and Tara was even more turned on than before at the sight of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, who also wanted her.Amber sat up abruptly and smiled at Tara and decided that since she was already naked, that Tara should be too. She slowly removed each piece of clothing from Tara and looked her up and down...she got even more hot and let out a content sigh and grabbed Tara and pulled her down onto the bed laughing.Tara then started placing kisses on Amber's neck as she slid a hand down her naked body. Her skin was so smooth and hot. Her hand touched Amber's breast and she felt her hard nipples. She moved her kisses down to those breasts and started licking them and giving them gentle suction, Amber arched her back in response to this. Getting more and more brave due to being so turned on, Tara slid her hand down to just above Amber's knee and began to slowly glide her hand up her inner thigh. This was driving Amber insane, but in a good way, and she let out a small gasp as Tara's hand reached her most private area. Tara started moving her hand up and down her slit and noticed how nude models sites wet her lover had become.Amber's hands were traveling all over Tara's body at the same time, but russia child models she kept russion nn model having trouble keeping focus, as Tara gave her so much pleasure. She felt her body start to quiver as Tara moved her lips and tongue down her stomach and then lily model csm to her leg as she did before with her hand. Moving slowly up to where she needed contact so badly. This was almost too much to handle. Then, Tara's lips were so close that she felt her breath upon her, teasing her ever so deliciously. Finally, her lips touched her slit and she thought that she would pass out from the sheer contact. She made a loud moan involuntarily, which made both of them even more excited.Tara's tongue began to move up and down her slit, her smooth tongue dancing around her clit in circles, faster and slower and then faster again. model nh topless Amber gripped the sides of the bed, she had never been in so much ecstasy before. She was loosing control, as Tara slid a finger into her and moved it in circles equaling what she was doing to her child modeling russia clit with her tongue. Faster and slower, and Amber started to come and was doing so very loudly, and she was brought there twice more by her lover.After she was relaxed, she lay there, completely frozen in the moment. Tara had moved up and laid down on the bed with her. She reached over and kissed her. And looked into her eyes. She was so happy. This was what she had wanted for SO long. She realized that Tara was still fairly turned on and wanted to do the same wonderful thing for her as she had done for her, several times in fact, just moments before.Amber slid her hands all over Tara's body, as she put kisses all over her neck and nibbled the warm skin every now and then, which caused Tara to arch her back and moan slightly. She massaged her breasts and caressed her aching nipples with her lips and tongue. Tara was already soaking wet, as Amber found out when her hand ventured between her thighs. Her touch made Tara's breath catch in her throat. Tara was writhing around on the bed, and rather than causing her lover to wait any longer, she wanted to satisfy her right then.Amber brought her mouth down her stomach and met Tara's sweet, hot, cunt and she was even more turned on by her sexiness and taste. She slid her tongue around and around her clit. Copying the motions that Tara had done on her. And applied gentle suction to her clit, which made Tara nearly fly off the bed. Amber then entered her with a finger, and then added another, and started alternating pumping with circular motions, stimulating her G-spot amateur models hairy as she played with her clit using her tongue. Tara was soon over the edge and came hard, she managed to come again soon after that and was exhausted.When Tara was coming down from heaven, Amber moved back up and placed a kiss upon her lover's lips, savoring the taste of her tongue and her own flavor. They held each other and soon they were both asleep. ----------------As the sun's rays started to move into the bedroom window, they cast an orange glow onto the bed. Amber woke up, and looked over at sleeping Tara. The golden morning rays falling upon her naked sleeping body. Amber remembered the night before and she smiled to herself. She felt like she had done something right and that this was perhaps the change that she was looking for. She didn't have to be alone anymore. She leaned over and placed a kiss on Tara's lips."Wake up sleeping beauty" She said with a giggle.Tara stirred and opened her blue eyes and gave Amber a smile."Hey hun, how are you feeling? Were you happy with how things went last night?" She asked, as she sat up in the bed."Oh Tara, you don't know how happy you've made me. Last night was perfect. I've never felt so close to someone ever. I hope I was able to...satisfy you as well as you did for me. It being my first time and all." Amber said."Amber, you were wonderful. You're a natural, I've never had sex that good in my life. So be proud of yourself." She said as she winked at her.They both laughed and french kissed each other, enjoying the happy mood that was hanging in the air."Want some breakfast?" Amber asked as she got up out of the bed and put on a robe."Ummm. I think I'll take a shower first, is that okay? Maybe we can go out for breakfast. My treat?" Tara said, throwing on a night shirt that Amber threw over for her."Sure, go ahead and take a shower and we can go. I'll wait for you and then take one myself." Amber said."Hey, are you silly? Take one WITH ME! We are an *item* now after all." Tara said, as she grabbed her hand and led her into the bathroom.Amber's heart jumped. They were an item, which meant that Tara felt the same about her. And she was excited about the shower after all...Her nipples proved the point as her lover took off her robe. This was going to be a model nudist wonderful day. THE END (For now.) ;) ***How did you adult japanese model like my story? Send me a comment if you bikini model cold did! (thatsmysecret19hotmail.com)
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